Our values


We are guided by the desire to offer you artisanal treasures and to help you discover talented creators . There wealth of their know-how and their creativity shines through in each of the objects they create.

Appoline is a story of know-how , transmission , of passion , aesthetics , and respect the environment . Our desire is to offer you a exclusive selection, elegant And sparkling designer objects.

We invite you to (re)discover the professions of ceramist, weaver, sculptor or even glass blower. These artisans who work with their hands to shape the material and bring their creativity to life.

We aim to offer you products far from mass consumption and the uniformity of interiors. Our wish is to give meaning to your consumption by offering you objects that are as aesthetic as they are of quality!

The art of life

At Appoline, our goal is to embody a lifestyle through a range of artisanal and modern decorative pieces.

Our philosophy is to celebrate craftsmanship, design and respect for the environment .

Our careful and instinctive selection is inspired by natural materials, Mediterranean colors and attention to refined details.

Through our collections, we opt for a durable decoration , distinctive and respectful .

We offer your interiors, authenticity and singularity; unique interiors that reflect your personality!

The respect of environment

The protection of the environment and its resources being a philosophy of life at Appoline, we work with brands that adopt a sustainability and ecological awareness . The products we select are designed from natural, recycled or upcycled materials and manufactured using artisanal production methods.

Slow decor

Our love for craftsmanship pushes us to discover creators who make in limited edition and even unique . This is why we have very little stock on each of our parts.

We favor quality rather than quantity, so we regularly offer you new discoveries unearthed through our favorites.


Because behind each object that we offer you lies the talent of our craftsmen and the time devoted to the creation of these exceptional items, we opt for fair prices throughout the year. At Appoline, our prices reflect the quality of the work of our partner brands and our teams. This means that you will not see no sales, no black Friday, no clearance .

“Feel good” therapy

Take some Pleasure also includes surrounding yourself with beautiful, elegant, and distinctive objects.

The patterns, shapes and colors of the items we offer you are carefully selected to bring you joy and good humor.

For an even more pleasant and soothing atmosphere, we suggest you integrate these objects into your daily routine . No need to wait for a special occasion to beautify your pretty table or illuminate different spaces with your most beautiful candles.